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For Manzanillo vacation rentals, Manzanillo Holiday is your tropical connection for seaside villas, small unique hotels and comfortable condominiums on the Mexican Riviera. Many of our properties are in Club Santiago.

Situated on the Pacific coastline between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, the Manzanillo area boasts miles of flat sandy beaches and three beautiful bays shaped by the foothills of the Sierra Madre. The weather is paradise perfect - with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid '70's to low 80's from November through March.

Manzanillo Holiday is part of Manzanillo Dream  (Vacations & Property Management) SA de CV, a registered Mexican company authorized by law to operate all declared business on the website www.manzanillodream.com.

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Manzanillo Holiday es parte de Manzanillo Dream (Vacations & Property Management) SA de CV, una empresa Mexican registrada y autorizada por la ley para operar todos los negocios declarados en su sitio web www.manzanillodream.com.

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The  per night prices on the website are based on short term winter rentals discounts may be given for longer stays and certain seasons. Easter and Christmas rates will be higher.

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